Sunday, 29 April 2012

The greatest apple of my eyes


"Mie doakan eka dapat jawab dengan sebaik-baiknya.. Jangan gopoh, baca soalan dengan teliti dan fahamkan maksudnya.. Gudluck".

I almost cried when I read that message. She sent the message before I even started walking to the class, to sit for a test. Maybe that one is just a simple message to other people, but to me, seriously it means a lot. When it comes to your mother, such sweet thing will make you emotional. Thank God that now I am studying in my state where I was born. So I don't need to cry a bucket every single day, missing my mother like I used too when I was in Penang. ='D. I mean, I am not that far away from my beloved ones now. Well, Allah knows the best for us.

I will always remember, during those days when I was far from home, she always text, call, asking about my condition. Am I right, am I eating healthily, am I having problems, and etc. Sometimes I was able to control myself from crying while talking to her on the phone, even that was hard to be done cuz I felt so emotional the first moment I heard her voice, but sometimes I failed. Failed terribly. And when that happened, she started to laugh at me. Shame on me. Boo! =')

When I was 10, not sure whether it is exact or not, I had a high fever, where I started to make sounds and cried during my sleep. That time, my father wasn't at home. So I slept with my mother. I was neither wholly asleep nor wholly conscious, but I could see and feel her putting wet cloth on my body. She tried to cool down my body temperature the whole night. I bet she didn't sleep much that night. ='(. The next day I woke up, I felt so good. Ton of thanks mom. I will never forget your deed.

I just love you, since the first blink of my eyes, and I will always be, for eternity. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umur kedua-dua ibubapaku dan semua ahli keluargaku dan jauhkanlah mereka daripada azab api nerakamu. Amin..

These lovely women are the apple of my eyes: mom and elder sister.

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